Begin each day refreshed in any of our five categories of spacious rooms, including some of the largest suites at sea. needs. We will be going on our first Viking River Cruise next July. I appreciate the packing, photos, meals and everything else tips! We are so excited and cant wait to experience all the great things we have heard and read about. They do, however, have lectures, presentations, demonstrations, and/or low-key floor shows daily. Easier to keep track of things. Copyright 19952023 The Independent Traveler, Inc. Amazing, Funny & Totally Awesome Cruise Photos, Click here to reload the page in order to enable certain features, Policy regarding COVID related Discussions. the beautician and the beast full movie 1997; . Bon voyage! During the Viking Age, longships were used by the Vikings for several purposes like trade and commerce, exploration, and wars. To avoid overpacking for your cruise choose clothing that will work for multiple combinationsso you can mix and match outfits. Depending on the season and destination, the weather could be changeable from port to port. You might want to sign up quickly because group sizes are limited. Bluffworks Ascender 5 Pocket Travel Pants, Goodthreads Mens Long-Sleeve Solid Oxford Shirt. I think it is always best to book your excursions as soon as possible. Weve put together a collection of the most stylish anti-theft hidden pocket clothing for travel for both men and women. An elevator connects the middle and upper deck. Packing for a Viking Ocean Cruise: What NOT to pack Here is our advice on 6 things you should definitely NOT take: 1) NO formal evening attire There are no formal nights on Viking so there's no need for long dresses for women or dinner jackets for men (even neckties are discretionary). Winter jacket Lightweight packable puffy down jacket for travel. Viking Aton; Viking Osiris; Viking Ra; MS Antares; Viking Mississippi Ships. There is no need to bring any fancy jewellery. Hope this helps! Glad to help, Cathy! There is no need to bring a hairdryer. The Viking concierges are wonderful! Super easy. Any special notes/reviews on or tips on the Heart of the Delta cruise? Our question is about how close we will be to towns where we can sightsee on our own in the afternoon or evening. My husband and I leave in August for the Viking Homeland River Cruise. Our October cruise is Frances Finest, which is a 2-part cruise, Paris and the Heart of Normandy being the first half. its all true, they are wonderful. The nectarines were tasty, but the green grapes were our favorites. Started June 21, 2021, By Wine, beer and soft drinks are included with lunch and with dinner. Just an example of Vikings ongoing TLC. whoever theyare . Should we book our excursions (paid and offered) now? Theres lots of seating up here and a few areas where you can play games like crazy golf and deck games. Very nice article, Howard! I currently have a car lined up to rent at the Basel Airport, but have noticed that prices on the same vehicle are significantly lower at the train station in Basel. My husband and I are taking the Viking Lofn from Basel to Amsterdam with a pre-package in Lucerne and a post in Amsterdam this August. You will find power points next to the bed and near the desk which will more than likely be ample power points for most travellers. I will keep up with your blog and let you and your readers know how things went. However, I would pretty much jump onboard any ship to anywhere at this point! Don't have exact prices but we spent a few tens of dollars total for 2-3 submissions. My favorite part of returning to the ship after daily activities was the literal helping hand of Attila, the hotel manager, assuring that we ladies were escorted safely back on board!!!! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! . Lets talk about some of the things that you will not find onboard a Viking Longship. Hi Sandy! There is also a small shop on board should you require something urgently. Viking . Hi Denise! Actually, the Viking Homelands cruise is an ocean cruise, not a river cruise. There may be swimming or bathing opportunities, such as the traditional Russian Banya or the therapeutic spas in Budapest, which will require a swimsuit. Both the washer and dryer work well. We did not send out laundry, although it was available. Learn more from our first-hand experiences sailing with Viking Expeditions, Rivers, and Oceans at the links below. Please keep us updated about your journey, and bon voyage! If you would liketo combine the luxuries of an all-inclusive resort with travel to authentic scenic and historical destinations, then a Viking river cruise is your best bet! You can modify your excursions once you are onboard, if needed. Empty suitcases or bags slide easily under the beds to minimise clutter. Viking longships have 110 / 220-volt outlets and USB ports in every cabin so you shouldnt need a power adapter unless you have hotel stays included in your cruise itinerary or either side of the cruise. We like the Samsonite wheeled duffel bags because they are lightweight, easy to carry and with changeable packing options, are so easy to pack. All we have is an informative post about the ship and itineraries. Slectionner une page. We are first time cruisers and chose a river cruise because it tempted us more than one of those huge floating cities. For those who are onboard right now, they should be able to tell you. the Danube and Paris to Prague and we loved them! Classified by Cruise Critic as "small ships," the fleet features understated elegance and modern Scandinavian . For handwashed garments, there is a clothesline in the shower. We dont want to over do it either way. I have not yet done a Viking Mississippi cruise, so I have no special tips. Collared shirts are always better. For dinner, the menu has three components: (1) a local menu which is very specific to the part of the river that youre on with a starter, main course and a dessert, (2) youll then have an a la carte menu which changes every day and (3) you have classics like Caesar salad, steak and chicken breasts thats available every day. Viking Longships are consistent and have the same facilities across the entire fleet. River Cruise Advisor | Avid Cruiser | About | Terms & Full Disclosure | Privacy | Contact | Subscribe. If you want a lightweight in-between bag for day excursions or even for days onboard youll be pleased to know fanny packs are back in fashion. . Never miss a post by signing up below and every new post will be sent direct to you. Of course, you may choose to dress up, but many passengers will opt for elegant casual. You definitely need a good pair of walking shoes (sneakers) for excursions. The Vikings' longships are one of the greatest symbols of the era and remain an icon of Scandinavia today. No tokens or quarters! Unlike on ocean cruises, there is no medical centre and thats because party due to lack of space but also, on a practical level, these ships are always really close to land and close to port. Great news. A quality, fast charging bank is great for travel days, essential for full-day shore excursions, especially for anyone who uses their phone as their primary camera. You can find our top-rated womens travel jackets here and mens travel jackets with hidden pockets here. and getting us even more excited about our trip! Stateroom Amenities Viking River Cruise Common Areas The Lounge and Bar The Sun Deck The Aquavit Terrace The Dining Room The Library Internet Cafe Coffee Station The Viking Onboard Experience Embarkation Meals on a Viking River Cruise Lunch Dinner Guests & Socializing Exercising on a River Cruise Excursions on a Viking River Cruise yay!!!! This cruise packing list is for a seven to ten-day cruise. The fees for European river cruises range in price from $1 per item to $6 per item. And yes, I am aware that Viking now features Freyja toiletries. We did the Grand European, as well, and it was our favorite because you get to visit so many countries along the Rhine, Main, and Danube. Avalon Waterways Telling me to select a program and only give me some icon that merely hints at what it means - if you only had the magic decoder ring along with what other controls (water temp etc) are enabled or disabled based on your program selection - would be most appreciated. par . Appreciate the responses. This trip is in celebration of our 45th anniversary and we hope it to be very memorable. A smart dress shirt or polo can quickly dress up a casual look for men, and a lovely shawl and change of shoes can quickly transform a casual outfit for ladies. And the ironing board is difficult to use for a left-handed person like me. The laundry order sheet is in the drawer with the hair dryer. Use down arrow key to expand the menu and up arrow key to collapse the menu and hit enter to select the link, About Our Longships - Viking River Cruises. But dont forget that the return US customs and immigration questionnaire asks whether you have visited any farms. Lets start at the top deck. my only wish is that the tiny beds were at least the true twin size, not more narrow, hard to sleep. On board our longship it seemed that every time we turned around there was anothercelebration in the making. whole length of the Longship. Each have the following features: Suite size: 275 sq. Hi Norma Jean! If MVJ does not give you the information you need, give Viking a call and they will be able to give you port to city proximities to help you plan. No flowers or fruit given to us on the cruise and Viking doesnt use LOccitane products anymore its now their own brand, Freyja. Is the cheese tour combined with the windmills good/awesome? We are staying for a while in Rome and Malta before the cruise and in Barcelona after. The most affordable of the four types of cabins onboard are standard cabins which are on the lower deck. In saying that, consider carefully what shoes you will pack for a river cruise. A mischievous waiter snuck us out some cookies the first night, but after that we learned to grab a stash after lunch to carry to our cabin for later. Members of VantagesPresidents Club (achieved after three Vantage Vacations trips not necessarily river cruises) also receive a 20 laundry credit. You will love it! CC Help Jenn Thanks for prompting me to do an update! You will need to plan for how long you are away taking into consideration clothing, medications and toiletries. They are much more comfortable to wear for long periods and produce better sound. Some cabins (Junior Suite and above) get laundry included with cabin benefits. The Viking Beyla and Viking Astrild are two identical river cruise ships sailing the Elbe River in the Czech Republic and eastern Germany for Viking Cruises. Design of Viking Longships There were various categories of longships designed for different purposes such as fishing, trading/supply, military, and raiding. Suites on Viking cruise ships. ), Hair straightener or curler if you use one You DO NOT NEED a hairdryer. Enjoy your cruise, and bon voyage! Best of all, they are in good sized bottles (not those tiny hotel-style bottles) and are replenished daily or as you need. In case you havent seen it already, be sure to read our Rhine Getaway Travelogue. Kim & David. Sometimes I wore crew neck T-shirts, too. Top Questions; Save the space in your bag. Viking also offers smaller versions of its Longships that have fewer balcony cabins, as well as a few different types of river ships with varying numbers of balcony cabins. Sometimes, as in Budapest, we were docked right below the Chain Bridge, making it super simple to walk right off the ship and into town. But yes, there is a self serve laundry on decks 3, 4, 5 and 6. I think this type of response may be limited to one or two individuals and does not reflect Vikings stellar public relations. We always keep some of these handy wipes in our bag. 4 Things You Need To Know (Including what they don't have!) You are guaranteed a spot on included tours, so no need to worry about missing out on those. I never got a straight answer, but I am positive that Vikingemployees haveto pass intense personality assessments before they arehired. (a packable down puffy jacket is good for cold or winter weather). You will find an example 7-10 day packing list at the end of the article to use as a starting point for your packing. You have just whet my appetite even more for one of these cruises. Thanks for any intel on this subject. Hi Vicki! All Itineraries Current Position Specifications of Viking Rinda Meet a master boatbuilder and learn about the role these vessels played in Viking society centuries ago. Hi my husband and I also did the Grand European Tour in August 2014 and agree with every word which the writer has eloquently written. Sign up to receive updates from Viking Stay current with special offers, news and destination-focused content. My travel life spans more than three decades and that includes more than 95 cruises. Can you recommend optional excursions that are the best in your experience for this trip? Exploring the Dom cathedral inside and outside at breathtaking heights just blew me away! The design principles that led to the Viking longship can be traced back to the . Windproof & Lightweight Folding Travel Umbrella. While the cabin itself may not be that spacious, there is plenty of drawer and cupboard space to stow your things. See our top five best womens travel pants that are stylish, comfortable and versatile perfect for river cruising. The next level down is probably where one of the most important, and popular, parts of the ship is: the dining room. The Black Forest tour from Breisach, was a little commercial, but I loved hiking the trails and seeing the waterfall and historical buildings. In 2005, I launched Tips for Travellers to make it easy and fun for people to discover, plan and enjoy incredible cruise vacations. Do you have any recommendations for the shore excursions on this cruise? We will update you in our journey. Washers, dryers, soap, ironing boards. Are there Laundry Facilities on Board There is a laundry service onboard the Viking river cruises. We are taking one in Nov/Dec timeframe for the Christmas Markets and your articles are helping me preparing for them. While the restaurants offer a fine dining experience, the dress code is optional. We have also done a lot of city-walking during free times in the ports. . You maximise the room in your cabin this way and only have to worry about one case while you are travelling. Is it best to book thru Viking or a travel agent? Spacious staterooms, indoor and outdoor dining venues and panoramic views enrich your travel experience. Other times they brush you off with you have booked with a travel agent, he handles your enquiries. This happened to me in Australia, when ringing Viking just to ask what drinks are covered by the Silver Spirits package. Spending eight days slowly exploring France is a great way to become immersed in French history, culture, and scenic beauty. My travel philosophy is, Were here now, meaning to take advantage of every minute while at a destination. My question relates to the dress requirements on board. Do people dress for dinner more formally than when touring? Without question, the onboard coffee and cookie station was a regular hangout of ours. If you want to find out more about Viking River Cruises or river cruising in Europe, watch my other Tips for Travellers videos: Follow Tips For Travellers: Learn how your comment data is processed. Personal Quote I am truly envious of your road trip through Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Come explore all our vessels at The Viking Longships take 190 passengers and they have around about 45 crew. Because Viking river cruises are more intimate with only 190 passengers, you will make lots of friends who will welcome you to join them on excursions and during cocktail hours. A year in advance or closer to date of cruise? As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases. I will be taking my first Viking cruise in less than 2 weeks and have one very important question I am hoping you can answer. shooting in pontiac today; teso chevalier dragon dps vigueur pve; shenandoah woods warminster pa before and after; no limit boxing promotions; do viking longships have laundry facilities? Lets go!! Some cruise lines provide robes and slippers for guests. I too am looking forward to another Viking cruisethe only questions are wherewhen? Let me assure you that it will be everything you have dreamed it will be and so much more. The Snekkja is thought to have carried a crew of around 40 Vikings. There are no formal nights and recommended evening dress is elegant casual such as a dress, skirt or slacks with a sweater or blouse for ladies; for gentlemen, trousers and a collared shirt. Hope this helps, and enjoy your cruise! That said, you may get some tips from our article 18 Reasons to Cruise the Mediterranean on the Viking Star. A lightweight travel scarf is great for additional sun protection on the neck and shoulders and comes in very handy when visiting places of worship. One thing we love about Viking River Cruise vessels is the ample storage in the cabins. Please keep us posted about your travels, and let us know if you learn anything further about the car rental situation. Thanks. First of all, whats important to note is that the Viking Longship is the ship that they have right across their fleet, and pretty much every single river that you go on in Europe will be on one of these Viking Longship. In addition, most Viking vessels offer laundry and pressing services. unsatisfactory performance army reserve,